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Accelerate Cloud Migration, unblock stalled transformations and increase engineering velocity 

Use Cases

Modernize DevOps with CI/CD Pipeline Automation

  • Building and integrating a fully operational deployment platform can take months for an experienced team of DevOps.

  • AppFactor accelerates teams by providing a turnkey platform that integrates seamlessly into your work environment in just 15 minutes.

  • Simply connect to your Git repositories and deploy without the struggle.

  • AppFactor handles all of the configuration and Kubernetes objects for you.

  • Include Modernization into daily practice without distraction of day-to-day operations


Address End-of-Life Software

  • AppFactor can quickly, within days discover, analyse, modernise and deploy a legacy app to a newer and supported OS and modern architecture in the cloud, divorcing the app from the older OS and environment such as a datacentre.

  • Therefore reducing and removing costs for extended support and EOL software

  • Proactively stay ahead of OS end of life cycles to avoid security and license complications

Zero Tech Debt

  • Automate the governance of application aging and manage the risk and threat of tech debt automatically with AppFactor​​

  • Remove dependency on aging infrastructure

  • Make modernization a repeatable, predictable outcome  and seamlessly adopt new technologies anywhere - On-prem, Hybrid, Edge, Cloud

  • Address tech debt in existing legacy apps and prevent it in newly deployed apps

  • Programmatically prevent tech debt from creeping into app estates

  • Identify where tech debt resides, analyse it, cut it from applications and continuously manage and track over time to remain ahead of the legacy curve

  • De-risk the process of removing tech debt, adopting and applying new technology to existing applications over time

  • Adopt a data-driven path to allow adoption of new technologies to support ever changing business needs

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Develop and deploy faster to achieve business goals

  • Enable portable, scalable and isolated application deployment that is target agnostic

  • Reduce IT operational overhead and achieve optimized compute infrastructure

  • Create optimized applications and remove tool sprawl

Migrate to Kubernetes

  • Reduce the gap in management, maintenance, operation and deployment of older existing applications with newly developed, cloud-native apps

  • Move existing applications to Kubernetes with AppFactor's automated modernization platform with minimal effort

  • A truly agnostic approach to any Kubernetes cluster for any cloud or Kubernetes service


Java & .NET Applications

  • Discover, analyse and modernize existing Java and .NET Framework based applications at scale

  • Capture and preview refactorbility 

  • Move application functionality and adopt newer framework versions and uplift runtime versions

  • Remove dependency on older runtime and library versions