Modernize Enterprise Apps

AppFactor is an intelligent, AI powered transformation platform to empower architects and engineers to re-factor and re-architect applications to solve legacy infrastructure problems and application delivery.

Get ahead of the technology curve and manage technical debt - with a dramatic reduction in cost, complexity and effort over traditional manual efforts

App-Centric Learning

Quickly and automatically learn and visualise existing applications and infrastructure, fill gaps in knowledge of app behaviour and dependency chains to identify precise modernization opportunities

Advanced Charts - Dark X Webflow Template

AI Driven Modernization Analysis

Use advanced AI Graph Theory algorithms to assess and calculate complexity, business impact, risk and technical debt to formulate a modernization strategy and build a business case

Modernization Velocity

Leverage AppFactor's modernization engine and automation to rapidly capture existing applications and all of their dependencies, files, config and artifacts and build them into separated container images with everything they need to function as transformed apps

Re-architect with speed and guardrails

Empower engineers to quickly and confidently re-architect apps away from physical and virtual infrastructure into PaaS cloud services without mis-configurations with simple workflows and golden path blueprint templates

Deploy as Cloud-Native

Intelligently,simply and systematically maintain and translate application component topologies and dependency relationships and move from legacy to modern through a powerful user experience

Accelerate Application Re-factoring

AppFactor continuously assesses applications by inspecting their dependencies, communications, file handling, statefulness and recommends and applies improvements, runtime upgrades and remediation changes without the manual effort

AppFactor Platform