A New Way to Modernize Applications

AppFactor's Approach to Cloud Transformation puts Enterprises Back on Track to Meet Critical Timelines for Modernization

AppFactor Use Cases

Increase engineering velocity, level-up your business critical applications, streamline innovation and gain a competitive edge

Modernize Lift & Shift Apps

Quickly transform legacy physical and virtual server based apps into cloud-native form to kickstart iterative modernization of architecture, deployment and improvements

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Rapid learning and analysis to multiple container images

Intelligently persist runtime and process to process relationships from multiple server hosts into cloud-native architectures

Modernize to Pipelines

Accelerate and induct legacy apps into CI/CD pipelines

Migrate to containers

Remove older physical and virtual infrastructure along with having to maintain Operating Systems

Cloud Migration of Complex Business Critical Apps

Refactor apps for the cloud and remove blockers and incompatibility

Optimize Cloud Migration

Simplify cloud migration by modernizing as you go to more mature cloud services such as Kubernetes platforms or PaaS

Fast Track to Cloud-Native

Take existing apps with you to cloud-native technologies without manual effort

Achieve Modernization Velocity that otherwise wouldn't be attainable

Move more in less time with AppFactor and make de-scoping a thing of the past

Build a Modernization Factory

Create a repeatable, predictable and scalable process, optimized through intelligent modernization centric tooling

Unparalleled efficiency

Reduce the backlog of applications that require attention

Modernization center of excellence

Manage and track progress whilst centralising stakeholder management and input to ensure optimal IT transformation now and in the future

Transform the way IT is delivered

Disrupt how IT innovation and transformation is delivered by staying ahead of legacy and tech debt creeping into the application portfolio with AppFactor's continuous modernization

Migrate to Kubernetes

Move existing Windows Server and Linux based applications to Kubernetes with AppFactor's automated modernization platform with minimal effort

Any Target, Any Cluster

A truly agnostic approach to any Kubernetes cluster for any cloud or Kubernetes service, on-prem, hybrid or public cloud

Standardize on Tooling for Operations, Monitoring and Delivery

Reduce the gap in management, maintenance, operation and deployment of older existing apps and newly developed, cloud-naitive apps

Build and Architect Apps Quickly with Scale

Automatically generate deployment manifests with all the networking, storage, configuration and settings for fully functional, multi-tiered applications from existing legacy architectures.

Solutions to Empower Transformation

The world’s largest companies and organizations use AppFactor to deliver transformation and modernized applications faster. Work with us, and accelerate your transition from manual processes to self-service automation and IT excellence

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Rapid automated analysis and learning

Quickly understand existing & legacy application environments with complexity, risk, impact and tech debt analysis to uncover valuable transformation opportunities

Measure app complexity, risk & impact

Establish cloud suitability and data-driven business case

Continuous modernization factory

Design, plan and track app modernization journeys with predictability and standardization to iteratively improve, apply the latest technology and remain competitive

AI powered transformation

Engineers and architects interact with the AppFactor UI to iteratively refine application architecture & composition to minimize dependencies and maximize impact, stripping away tech debt in the process across all 4 pillars


AppFactor intelligently optimises app artefacts based on the target environment and architecture

Optimized re-factoring

Unravel and de-couple monolithic applications into macro & micro-services or new sophisticated architecture with cloud-services with speed that cannot be obtained manually

Apply Cloud-Native

AppFactor provides a powerful wizard-driven approach that allows for all of the observed and extracted application artefacts to be extracted from source at scale. Instead of a fragmented modernization process, AppFactor delivers holistic upgrades, harnessing the power of automation to intelligently discover, extract, and redeploy every distributed component into a fresh, cloud-native architecture made up of separate container images and an optimally designed network.

Automate deployment to any target

Quickly deploy cloud-native applications directly from code or from legacy source (VM, Physical) without writing code with AppFactor's deployment spec generation that translates legacy architecture into modern form and abstracts app deployment

Test and release faster

Accelerate time to value across your app portfolio, reducing deployment time from days to minutes. Rapidly spin up environments for production, development and testing and replicate instantly for fast regression testing

A platform for a systematic approach to find, track and cut tech debt

Use a single workflow to deploy new and legacy applications across multiple data centers, regions, and clouds with a refactoring and transformation platform that provides version control and config maps to track changes in dependencies and architectural drift

How to get started

It's easy and fast to get started.

AppFactor is purpose built to refactor apps and it starts with finding, learning and measuring them through a modernization lens.


Deploy the AppFactor Analyzer

Simply download and run the native clients for both Windows and Linux which allows any environment, be it on-prem or cloud to be observed and learnt fast.

AppFactor visually builds out app interactions, application flows, call stacks and communications for application processes, runtime, batch, services, and background processes.

AppFactor provides ultra high resolution detail of your estate with intricate insight and observation of each application process and their intra and inter-dependencies


Analyse Your Applications

Log in to your AppFactor instance to assess the collected data and inventory, with modernization centric analysis and data-driven insights to determine app complexity, business impact, risk and technical debt.

Use AppFactor's AI engine to formalise a plan based on metrics, priority and impact to build a robust modernization strategy that's actionable



Select and configure a single process or the whole application stack across multiple hosts into separated, modernized cloud-native containers, via a powerful UI and optimized process.

Capture and build all of the app dependencies into lean, secure containers ready for smart deployment to any cloud-native target.

Create your account and start modernizing today