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The fastest and simplest way to modernize your applications

Challenge the costly and rigid status quo of application modernization and cloud migration with AppFactor's continuous and automated cloud native application platform.


Identify, assess and remove tech debt and transform to the cloud by rapidly discovering,  analyzing and modernizing existing applications to cloud-native technologies and architecture with AppFactor.

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Platform Overview

The AppFactor AI-driven platform enables software architects to rapidly and incrementally modernize their legacy application portfolios and businesses to apply more mature cloud services to innovate, and scale.

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  • Quickly understand existing & legacy application environments with complexity, risk, impact and tech debt analysis

  • Uncover valuable transformation opportunities

  • Establish cloud suitability and business case generation

  • Design, plan and track app modernization journeys with predictability and standardization

  • Measure, track and manage tech debt

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  • Iteratively remove legacy technology  whilst de-risking the process

  • Apply cloud-native technology and architecture to existing applications fast through automation

  • Remove vendor lock-in – migrate away from software and hardware dependencies such as legacy licenses

  • Unravel and de-couple monolithic applications into macro & micro-services with automation and speed that cannot be obtained manually

  • Leverage AppFactor's AI that orchestrates dynamic and static analysis, and applies networked graph clustering algorithms to automatically identify the most optimal business-domain microservices for extraction from larger, monolithic applications

  • DevOps and architects interact with the AppFactor UI to iteratively refine application architecture & composition to minimize dependencies and maximize impact, stripping away tech debt in the process

  • Database dependency discovery & analysis discovers, detects, and reports on which database tables are used by which services while decomposing a monolith with AppFactor. Then extract, build, test new microservices that are intelligently interfaced with the rest of the application or other generated micro-services

  • Achieve greater application scalability, agility & performance over time with continuous modernization that disrupts the status-quo of stop/start transformations

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Deploy & Maintain

  • Retoplologise new and existing apps on-demand through a data-driven approach that combines best practice and recommended designs into a powerful UI driven automated workflow

  • Quickly deploy cloud-native applications directly from code or from legacy source (VM, Physical) without writing code

  • Push directly from Git into any cloud-native cluster through automation

  • Quickly spin up environments for production, development and testing and replicate instantly for fast regression testing

  • Manage tech debt - Continuous assessment of processes, code and dependencies, modernization and deployment to keep tech debt in control

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How it Works

A Platform For The Journey

AppFactor automatically modernizes existing apps to cloud-native and streamlines the architecture and deployment of new apps into the cloud – a full and complete end-to-end solution that tracks business applications and iteratively modernizes them to keep tech debt at bay.

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Existing / Legacy Applications 
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On Premise
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Server & Application Analysis through an app-centric lens
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Legacy / Existing / Monoliths
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(Risk, Complexity, Tech Debt, impact)

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Generate New Architecture Definitions

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Windows & Linux Based Applications (Java + .NET) and Their Dependencies are Captured and Transformed into Container Artifacts including Networking, Files, Storage Requirements, Environment Variables, Configuration, Binaries and Libraries

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Identify & De-Couple App Functions into New Micro-Services & Recommended Code Constructs

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Windows & Linux Based Applications and Their Dependencies

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Automated Deployment Manifest Generation and Deployment to Any Kubernetes Cluster With All Required Configurations Based on App Attributes & Discovery

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Accelerated Wizard-Driven Powerful Template Based Deployment of Transformed Apps to Any Target Environment 

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New Applications DIrectly From Code Into Cloud-Native Without Being a Full-Stack Developer

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YAML Free Deployment of New Apps and Updates Directly From Git Repositories into Your Cloud Account & Clusters Across Dev, Staging or Production

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Faster, Simplified and Automated App Maintenance

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Leverage Template and Policy Driven Deployments & Continuous Application Insights, Tech Debt Tracking and Optimization to Keep Innovating Across the Application Portfolio

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Assess Application Estates

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Fast-Track Legacy Transformation

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Reduce Cost, Risk & Complexity

Containerizing applications requires you to identify application dependencies, network port configurations, and software delivery processes in order to construct and deploy a container image.

These tasks are traditionally manual and time consuming as well as error prone.

AppFactor analyzes your applications and automatically generates a container image that is configured with the correct dependencies, network configurations, and deployment instructions for any cloud or Kubernetes target.

AppFactor Makes Modernization Continuous

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App-Centric Discovery

Deeply inspect, learn and analyze applications at a runtime, process and code level to quickly create a standardised and repeatable approach to modernization strategy and planning.


Track applications over time to continuously integrate into the latest technologies and iteratively improve with a data-driven approach

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Take Control Over Cloud Migrations and Transformations

Automatically assess the complexity of all your legacy and existing applications to determine readiness for modernization. 


Prioritize which applications to modernize first, estimate schedules, and manage the modernization process.  Preview refactorability, stack rank applications and accelerate cloud native migrations.


Reduce Operation and Transformation Costs


Unblock Stalled Cloud Migrations and Take Your Apps With you

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Empower Existing Teams

Remove mis-configurations and track, manage and automate the re-architecture of business applications at scale and speed in a self-service approach designed to optimise DevOps for modernization. AppFactor provides up to 10X acceleration and enables all engineers to deliver outcomes without being an SME or modernization specialist








Fix Skills Gap and Lack of Knowledge

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From App-Centric Discovery to Automated Refactoring and Beyond...

A unique and market leading approach to discovery enables fast results and informed decision making for modernization and migration candidates. 


AppFactor's Assessment & Discovery scans existing environments with an agentless and rapid app-centric approach. Analysing the technical debt of a company’s existing applications, accurately identifies the source of that debt, and measures its negative impact on innovation. Additionally application complexity, business impact and risk are captured to provide a rich, comprehensive data driven insight into candidates to support decision making. The AI-powered solution measures app complexity based on host, process and code modularity and dependency intricacy, measures the risk of changes impacting stability based on the depth and length of the dependency chains, and then aggregates these to assess the overall technical debt level. It then benchmarks debt, risk, and complexity against the organization’s own estate and stakeholders qualitative data captured in within the product, while identifying aging frameworks that could pose future security and licensing risks.


AppFactor's Assessment & Discovery integrates seamlessly with the AppFactor Modernization Platform which can directly lead to refactoring, re-architecting, rewriting and deploying applications with the full AppFactor Modernization Capabilities..

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AppFactor provides a centralised, single-pane of glass to manage, track and measure modernization and transformation progress. 
Applications managed by AppFactor are continuously tracked and ranked to ensure future improvements are recommended and ROI and successful outcomes are achieved. 

WIth support for architects, application owners and stakeholders involved in modernization efforts, AppFactor is the single source of truth for transformational progress, removing the need for manual tracking, unpredictable outcomes or a lack of standardisation across the organisation. 

Unblock cloud migrations, reach transformational goals on time and stimulate more time for innovation with the AppFactor Modernization Platform.

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Transform existing applications from physical and virtual machine infrastructure to containers and cloud-native architectures with AppFactor's powerful automation and process-level refactoring.

AppFactor provides a wizard-driven approach that allows for all of the discovered and extracted application artifacts to be containerised from source at scale. Automatically generating the Docker files dynamically, with network, file, libraries and binaries, environment variables and application configuration.


Breaking down monoliths with AppFactor is possible through static & dynamic code analysis and scanning.

Intelligently persist process and dependency stacks and topologies to transform away from legacy to cloud-native architecture with automated Kubernetes manifest generation.

Iteratively refine architecture design and dependency versions to refine application dependencies.   Decompose monolithic applications with AppFactor and optimise service decomposition accordingly based on AppFactor's data-driven discovery information. Then extract, build, test new microservices.

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AppFactor provides a powerful wizard-driven GUI and command line and target agnostic platform to deploy and architect existing and new applications to cloud-native.

Generate deployment manifests automatically from discovered and modernized applications or directly from source code for newly developed or updated applications to any hybrid or cloud target.

VIsualise dependencies and build comprehensive deployment templates that provide a build once and deploy anywhere approach that supports efficient DevOps practices. 

AppFactor supports building and running of new modern applications through automated and policy driven GitOps to automate app to cloud deployment directly from source code repositories. Simply attach AppFactor to your BitBucket, GitHub or GitLab and push directly and allow AppFactor to provision cloud-native architecture to best support the application over time.

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