We're on a mission to disrupt how engineering teams innovate, maintain and deliver their applications

Designed to eliminate the cost, risk and time constraints of manually modernizing business applications, AppFactor delivers a scalable, repeatable factory model purpose-built for cloud native modernization.

With AppFactor, you can accelerate the journey to cloud-native architecture and modernized DevOps to gain a competitive edge whilst preventing technical debt from stalling future innovation.

The story behind us

Our team have lived and breathed application modernization and cloud migration for the best part of a decade. We have contributed into and developed the libraries for frameworks for the future of Micro-Services and generally worked on some pretty out there stuff around distributed compute and enterprise systems.

Having previously built, led and operated successful cloud migration, app modernization and cloud management products and supported some of the highest profile examples of cloud transformation for global enterprises, AWS, Microsoft and Google - We understand the challenge in needing to keep critical applications going and applying the latest technology to them, to improve performance, delivery, reliability and security. We believe there is a better way to not only optimize the process of modernization but also identify and prevent technical debt from growing into the complex, inter-twined problem it quickly becomes if left un-tracked and unmanaged.


The mission behind

all our work

Our mission is to provide a platform that provides the automation tools and process to eliminate legacy across application estates and empowers existing teams to be able to incrementally innovate against applications without the need for large waterfall style projects.

We believe app modernization and cloud transformation, in general, is broken. There's just too many tools to keep track of, too many blunt instruments used and it's full of manual steps along the way that allow technical debt to compound over time and create the legacy treadmill.

There has to be a better way to apply newer technology to existing apps - that's why we created AppFactor, a way to fulfill our vision of making architects and engineers more productive and efficient through the entire process of modernizing and maintaining apps - now and in the future.

Eventually, our goal is to be the engine at the heart of a dynamic internal developer platform. To empower platform teams, engineers and architects from growing startups to enterprises, remove bottlenecks in the deployment, delivery and transformational efforts applied to their applications and supporting cloud-native infrastructure estate. A self-serve optimized platform that systematically identifies heavily entangled dependencies and transformation opportunities with AI/ML approaches, tracks, transforms and delivers cloud-native apps with the controls in place to prevent tech debt from emerging across the estate.

We're just getting started!


The values that drive

everything we do

Our values are the underpinning for all that we do at AppFactor — we believe that a great product is completely linked to a great internal community and team spirit.



Integrity builds trust, upon which the strongest relationships are built. When we trust others, we are more willing to be open and engage. We must build relationships internally to create a friendly, productive, and positive environment and externally with our users, partners, and customers to drive the adoption of our tools and products.



Kindness should be extended at every opportunity, to our peers, users, partners, and customers. An internal environment that is friendly, kind, and forgiving of mistakes is positive and productive. Kindness externally builds our social capital, reputation, and makes our customers want to engage with us in the future.



Humility starts with acknowledging that our knowledge is imperfect and incomplete, but not fixed. We can continue to learn and grow but this is an active process that we must choose to engage in. This growth comes from constantly seeking feedback, learning, and adapting based on new understanding. In this context, we must view mistakes as learning opportunities in an active process of reflection and analysis.



For the best execution it must be both effective and efficient, which we can think of direction and velocity. Effective execution depends on going the right direction, meaning there is an alignment with vision and strategic goals with the highest priority work being done first. Without effective execution, work may get done without advancing towards the end goal.



Passion for what we are building and the problems we solve, with genuine empathy is what founded our business. It's vitally important that we deeply care about AppFactor's success and our customers requirements. We should Inspire others with a drive for excellence and be tenacious and optimistic - above all, enjoy ourselves in the process.

We are a team

A winning team is one in which we are each extraordinary at what we do and highly effective working together. It's about investing in an elite team of talented people who are excited to pursue ambitious shared goals. In our team we encourage collaboration, share information and discourage politics. We hold ourselves accountable, take ownership but advocate for adventure, creativity and keeping our minds open as we work together.

We model ourselves on being like a professional sports team. It's about pushing ourselves to be the best possible teammate, caring intensely about our team and our collective results. Sports teams are about performance, not seniority or tenure. It is up to the manager to ensure that every player is amazing at their position, plays effectively with others and is given new opportunities to develop. That's how we keep winning the championship.

Let's go!

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keith gabi attila

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