AppFactor's AI-driven software solution lets enterprises eliminate technical debt by automatically re-factoring and re-architecting their legacy applications, readying them for deployment into a new cloud-native home.


Using our solution, clients are experiencing a minimum of 15x acceleration in modernisation by adopting new technologies and architectural patterns while reducing overall costs by a factor of three.


AppFactor focuses on continual modernisation , turning it from a project to a routine. It's a productised solution that controls costs by utilising modern cloud services, reduces the risk of downtime from dependencies on end-of-life hardware and software and frees resources to focus on IT Innovation that helps drive the business.

Use Cases


legacy applications

Re-factor applications by containerizing them and deploying them to modern infrastructure, improving performance and making them easier to manage.

Fix underperforming

“lift & shift” migrations

Transform legacy physical and virtual server based apps into cloud-native form to kickstart the true modernization of the application architecture and start seeing the desired gains from a cloud migration.

End reliance

on aging infrastructure

Modernize applications to avoid end of life HW and SW issues that result in declining application performance and resilience, increased costs and the inability to remediate security issues.

Reduce cloud

compute costs

Use automation to quickly understand and refactor cloud assets, enabling leaner container images, increased container workload density, and better utilization of server compute density.


Migrate and Modernize

Natively to Kubernetes


Migrate from traditional applications and supporting infrastructure to deploy natively into Kubernetes without any manual effort or the usual complexity.


Monolith to Micro-Services


As applications are decomposed into smaller pieces e.g. Microservices, deployment complexity increases. The more pieces you have, the more you have to deploy. AppFactor, with its self-service and convention-based deployments, makes scaling deployments easy. AppFactor erases complexity around deployment strategy, verification and rollbacks.